Sunday, May 20, 2012

Granny Smith rocks

So what do you get when you cross:
 1.Granny Smith Apples  2.Cool Whip & 3.Snickers bars ?   The easiest & tastiest summer picnic dish!  A Mom in my daisy troop brought this to the bridging ceremony....yummo!!
So here is the whole list you will need to get at the store!  I love recipes with not a lot of ingredients!

What you will need is just these 3 items....

(1) 3lb bag of granny smith apples
(1) small tub of Cool Whip
(3) regular sized snickers bars

that's it!!

In a large bowl cut up the apples into bite size pieces...

*** My little trick to keep the apples from sliding all over is I just slice a bit off the bottom so it sits flat ***

Next you're just going to cut up the snickers bars...the best part with this is if a few "pop off" the cutting board you get to eat them :)

Add this to the apples & give a little mix.  The last & final step is to add the Cool Whip.  This is how it will look when it is completely mixed in....

There's just something with the sour apple & the sweet cool whip & the yumminess of the snickers bars.  This will be a "big" hit at your next picnic or just something to munch on in summer!


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