Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Brady....

  My son Brady was turning 8 & I asked him what kind of cake he would like for his birthday....he of course said Yoshi. So without avail I searched hi & low for a yoshi cake pan....even the cake specialty shop in town did not have one!  Now I knew I was in trouble.  Then all at once the idea popped into my head ~ I found a picture of yoshi on the internet, went to my local print shop with printed picture of yoshi & my huge honkin' cake pan in tote....I said with a pretty please & a smile if they could help me fit the yoshi into the cake pan as big as possible. The guy came over with his handy dandy wheel thing to size things & figured out how much the pic needed to be blown da da boom...I had a big yoshi:)   I was so thrilled I had to go show my husband right away.  I first had just planned to cut around the yoshi & use the extra cake for "1-up" mushrooms but as I laid the "laminated" yoshi on the cake I just did not think it would work like I planned. So instead I frosted the cake first....laid down the yoshi & with my niece Carissas idea on utilizing tooth picks....I traced around yoshi, peeled him off & got to decorating.
  Being a bit nervous seeing this was my "1st cake without just slapping frosting on it" got to's how it turned out.....

So proud of myself & Brady loved it!

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